Talking About Washing And Detailing Your Car

How Full-Service Car Washes Have Adapted To The Pandemic

Regular washes are an important part of any car maintenance routine. They keep dust, pollen, and road grime from damaging the clear coat that protects your vehicle's paint and the rust-prone metal parts underneath it. Many car owners have found it difficult to keep up with their washing routine during the pandemic, especially those who regularly get interior services at a car wash. While you can wash and detail your vehicle yourself to get around social distancing rules, many car washes, such as Downriver car wash, have updated their services in light of the pandemic. No-contact full-service car washes keep their customers safe with the following updates to their regular procedures.

No-Contact Exterior Washes

Washing a car's exterior without coming into contact with the driver is relatively easy. Car washes are typically either hands-on washing stations where you leave your vehicle with an attendant or wash it yourself or drive-through tunnel washes. Either way, you should be able to stay inside your vehicle for the duration of your appointment or visit as long as you don't have interior services scheduled, too. While in the past, employees might have come up to your window to suggest a wash level based on the appearance of your vehicle, you shouldn't be approached by an employee at a no-contact car wash. Instead, you will be able to work with an automated system that works sort of like a gas pump. It should have a card reader and wash selection options. Employees will direct your vehicle using hand motions, allowing you to keep your windows safely rolled up.

Contact-Free Interior Services

Full-service car washes also offer interior detailing services. Generally, full-service car washes require vehicle owners to leave their keys and vehicles with attendants. When you go to drop-off your vehicle, you should be able to park it and pass your keys to a masked employee or deposit them in a dropbox. At some car washes, employees will be stationed behind plexiglass or plastic barriers to prevent contact. During the detailing service, employees will wear gloves and masks to keep your vehicle safe as they vacuum the upholstery and clean all the hard surfaces. As a new feature, most full-service car washes now offer sanitization services as a final step to the detailing process, ensuring that it is safe to use immediately after being detailed. Once you pick up your vehicle, you should receive your keys from a gloved attendant or through a dropbox. Then, you can enjoy your freshly clean and sanitized vehicle.

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Talking About Washing And Detailing Your Car

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