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What Do You Get From A Full Car Detail Package?

Have you tried different car detailing services and have yet to find one that works perfectly? It might be time to try out a full detail package to take care of the smallest details to the most prominent. A full car detail package does more than your typical detail package, including cleaning often overlooked areas, like the car's underbody. It takes more time and effort, but the results are more pleasing to the eye. What can you expect from a full car detail package?

Exterior and Paint Care

Your car's exterior paintwork is vulnerable to mud, dust, grease, and chemical compounds pollutants in the air. It needs regular detailing to avoid corrosion and fading. You need a thorough job since a car's exterior paintwork makes the biggest visual impression.

In a full car detail session, the car undergoes thorough cleaning using a pressure washer to remove stuck dirt particles. After drying, a clay bar removes stubborn particles in the paintwork, including metallic particles. The last step involves polishing to smooth out scratches in the paint.

Chassis, Wheel, and Tire Detailing

The wheels take the brunt of dust, dirt, and mud from different terrains. In addition, the tires suffer frictional forces, heating, and contracting under different conditions. As a result, they are vulnerable to cracking from this exposure.

A full car detail package involves complete wheel and tire cleaning to remove stuck mud and dirt to restore the shine of your car rims. The tires get a fresh coat of rubber sealer to protect them and restore their black glossy shine.

Cleaning the chassis underside removes chemical compounds that cause oxidation, the process that forms rust.

Interior Detailing

Interior detailing cleans off dirt and grime from hard-to-reach places. It leaves your car looking hygienic and smelling fresh. A full car detail package involves cleaning car door interiors, dashboard, entertainment console, and glove compartment.

Upholstery cleaning restores fabric and leather surfaces by removing sweat stains and other dirt. Once the leather is clean and dry, the cleaner applies a sealer to restore its shine and gloss.

Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning the car's carpet is vital because dirt and debris in carpet fibers can cause allergic reactions on top of nasty odors. A full car detail package involves deep vacuuming to remove dirt stuck deep in the carpet fibers. You can also opt for shampooing and deodorizing the carpet to keep it smelling fresh.

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