Talking About Washing And Detailing Your Car

Tips To Keep Your Car Wash In Good Working Order

If you operate a car wash, you already know you'll have to replace some of your automatic car wash equipment on a regular basis. If you don't yet have a regular list of maintenance tasks in place, it's time to get on top of the ball. Here are some of the key areas every car wash owner should pay attention to in order to ensure their wash is operating as efficiently as possible and without an issue that could damage a customer's car. Read More 

Benefits Of Using A Spot-Free Car Rinse System

Car washes do more than just keep your car looking clean. They are a good way to preserve the great look of your car. However, not all car washes are created equal. While having the kids go outside with a bucket of soapy water and a sponge can be fun for them and knock the dust off your car, they can also lead to problems down the line. Continue reading to learn more about why a spot-free car rinse system may be the better option for your car:  Read More 

3 Benefits Of Using A Mobile Car Detailing Service Versus A Car Wash Detailing Service

Traditionally, if you wanted car detailing services, you had to go to a car wash that provided such services. Today, you don't even have to leave your home to get your car detailed. Mobile car detailing services like smart wash mobile detailing are willing to visit your home and detail your car. Some car owners are still skeptical of this type of car detailing service, and as a result, they are shy away from using mobile car detailing services. Read More 

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Talking About Washing And Detailing Your Car

Hi there, my name is Kenneth. Welcome to my site about washing and detailing your car. My first car was my pride and joy. I spent a lot of time washing and detailing it to keep the paint shiny and the interior spotless. Unfortunately, I often used the wrong products and techniques, causing the clear coat to wear away in spots. Since then, I have studied and practiced the right techniques to prevent that situation from occurring ever again. I created this site to share this information in hopes of helping other people avoid damaging their car’s finish and interior.