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3 Benefits Of Using A Mobile Car Detailing Service Versus A Car Wash Detailing Service

Traditionally, if you wanted car detailing services, you had to go to a car wash that provided such services. Today, you don't even have to leave your home to get your car detailed. Mobile car detailing services like smart wash mobile detailing are willing to visit your home and detail your car.

Some car owners are still skeptical of this type of car detailing service, and as a result, they are shy away from using mobile car detailing services. Nonetheless, mobile car detailing services provide more benefits than the detailing services you get at a car wash.

If you haven't tried out a mobile car detailing service, here are three benefits you are missing out on.

1. Convenience 

When taking your car to a car wash for auto detailing, you should set aside considerable time because you have to physically take your car, wait for the detailing process to finalize, and then drive back home. Setting aside ample time for this process can be a challenge if you have a busy schedule.

Mobile car detailing contractors are a more convenient option than car wash detailing services because they can save you time. Mobile car detailing service providers can visit your workplace or home to detail your car. Hence, you don't need to set time aside to take your car for a detailing service.

2. Cheaper Rates 

Mobile auto detailing services are cheaper than the detailing services you get at a car wash.

The cheaper rates are because mobile car detailing services have less overhead costs than car wash businesses. Car wash businesses have to rent or lease a space and cover water and electricity bills for the premises. Hence they have to charge more for their auto detailing services to cover overheads and make a profit.

On the other hand, mobile car detailing services operate from a van or truck. Thus, they do not have overhead costs such as rent or bills. As a result, mobile car detailing services offer their clients more affordable rates than a car wash.

Therefore, a mobile car detailing service is your best option to save money on car detailing services.

3. Customized Services 

Most car wash detailing services come in packages. Sometimes, the list of detailing services you want is in several different packages. Also, most car washes don't allow clients to customize their detailing services. Thus, you might have to pay for a premium detailing package to get one or two unique detailing services you need.

Mobile car detailing services also come in packages; however, clients have the option of customizing the services they want. Therefore, with mobile detailing services, you select the specific detailing services you want instead of settling for a premium package that provides one or two unique detailing services you need.

Customizing the detailing services you want ensures you get the best value for money because you only pay for the services you need. Hence if you are looking for more customizable car detailing options, a mobile car detailing service is the best option.

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