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Tips To Keep Your Car Wash In Good Working Order

If you operate a car wash, you already know you'll have to replace some of your automatic car wash equipment on a regular basis. If you don't yet have a regular list of maintenance tasks in place, it's time to get on top of the ball. Here are some of the key areas every car wash owner should pay attention to in order to ensure their wash is operating as efficiently as possible and without an issue that could damage a customer's car.

Inspect Brushes and Vacuums for Debris

One of the areas of your car wash that you should inspect most frequently is every brush and vacuum you have on site. There's nothing that will ruin a customer's day more than a brush that ends up scratching their car because it had a piece of debris stuck within it. Check your vacuums for the same issue, as well as any other instrument or tool that makes direct contact with a customer's vehicle. Have a ready supply of brushes and vacuums on hand to replace any you find with an issue.

Clean Sediment Traps and Dust Bins

Your car wash likely has a number of waste containers including dust bins, sediment traps, and other areas that are meant to collect debris and other waste so that it doesn't actually get onto your customer-facing equipment. But these bins and traps and containers can overflow if you aren't paying attention, and then who knows where the dust or sediment will end up. For best results, empty all traps and bins say once per week or more often during a busier time of year.

Wash Your Car Wash

Yes, it's possible for a space designed to help others stay clean to get dirty itself. Your car wash's bay, for example, can accumulate some grime and dirt over time as it washes all of that stuff off of your customer's vehicles. For best results, you should pressure wash your car wash's bays as well as the building itself and areas like the parking lot that might get dirty over time. Remember, appearance can be everything here, and a car wash that looks like it's run down and dirty isn't going to be a place anyone is going to want to bring their car for a deep cleaning.

Run a Full Cycle

After you've checked all brushes, disposed of waste, and hosed your bays and equipment down, make sure everything is back in place and ready to go by running the car wash for a few cycles before letting customers back in. You should pay attention to the water pressure during this time and make sure that all the brushes or other important equipment are moving in the correct motion.

Speak to an automatic car wash equipment service to learn more.  

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